How We Started

It is always nostalgic to speak of the beginnings, that too when it’s eventful and a travel of 25 years. I understand that most of the success stories have a humble beginning. We too had one, but as humble as One Student for the 1st six months.

I will not tell you that we have re-invented the schooling. But for this region and adjacent districts, it was almost that. All I did is to change the things which I did not like as a teacher Introduced Nursery for the 1st time, Introduced 20:1, student-Teacher ratio for the 1st time in this region. These coupled with the decision not to advertise school as a commodity or business made it difficult for the people to understand and for us to explain to them.

It was not a burden for us, as we believed these as our core principles and enjoyed the journey along. You will be surprised if I tell you that, we took 13 years to reach class X. This was a conscious decision taken by me to be student centric and not focus on our own growth. Hence we took one step at a time and travelled along with our very own 1st batch of students to class X. This I believe speaks volumes on our determination and self-discipline.

It is said that, anything if you follow for 14 to 21 days it becomes a habit. What if it is followed for 25 years and still counting? I would say, it will become your DNA. Now we are 25 and still counting and the resilience, determination, principled approach, the drive to reach the set goal and self discipline, both are the very DNA of the school. The philosophy is put aptly in our logo and its interpretation “Think beyond the Slate”.

Please do not hesitate to write to me with your suggestions. I will make sure they will reflect positively on our student & school’s growth.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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